Mary Rourke

Senior Investment Advisor

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Specializing in all aspects of Retirement & Estate Planning

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Question: Do you continue to focus on Retirement Planning?

Mary: Yes, my practice focuses on all aspects of retirement planning. This includes those who are planning to retire in the next 10 years or so as well as full retirement planning for those who are already in full retirement. The preparation of an integrated income and retirement plan is central to the work we do for our clients

Question: What are the main concerns of those who are either thinking about or already in full retirement?

Mary: The main concern I hear is the fear of outliving ones financial resources as well as the adequacy of income throughout the lengthy period of retirement. One of the key “risks” in retirement that we face today versus that of previous generations is one of life expectancy. Generally we will live longer than our ancestors did; financially we need to be prepared to fund our retirement horizon for a much longer period of time than those of previous generations.

Question: What is it you do for your clients in order to manage this risk?

Mary: The preparation of an income and retirement plan provides the road map for our clients; the planning we do lays and provides the framework for financial stability

Question: Does the planning address any other areas or concerns?

Mary: The planning we do is very broad and also addresses areas such as investment planning, tax planning (reduction) as well as estate planning

Question: It was great to meet your team; you have wonderful support!

Mary: Thank you, we all share the core value of placing our clients first, we enjoy working with all of our clients and of course all of our work is fully confidential. Key for my practice is the principle of meeting on a regular basis to ensure we are tracking well against our planning work.

Publication : The Month Ahead – 2012

Question: Where can you be reached for more information?

Mary: I can be contacted at 905-503-4100. We are located at 520 Industrial Parkway S. beside Thompson Funeral Home in Aurora.